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Why We Chose the GentleLase


Laser hair removal is both a science and an art. It takes a thorough understanding of dermatology and medical equipment to know how to best remove hair, but you also have to evaluate each client according to their hair color, texture, type, skin color, and many other factors. It’s not a simple “one size fits all” solution, but we have to approach each client from a completely fresh perspective.

We work with the GentleLase system, designed by Syneron Candela,  one of the best lasers on the market. The GentleMax Pro is considered the “gold standard” for laser hair removal, one that is designed to accommodate all skin tones.

You may be wondering, “All skin types? How is that possible? Aren’t some lasers more effective at certain skin types than others?”
Absolutely! For example, the Alexandrite laser (755 nm) is far more effective for lighter skin, while Nd:Yag lasers (1064 nm) are more effective for darker skin tones (dark brown or black). As we said above, there is no “one size fits all” approach to hair removal.

But here’s what makes the GentleMax Pro such an interesting choice: it combines both the Alexandrite and the Nd:Yag laser into one simple machine. This means that our laser hair removal equipment has the lasers needed to remove hair from both light and dark skin types—a VERY unique solution that very few other machines can offer.

The color of your skin or hair doesn’t matter—we can adjust the settings on our machines and adapt them to your skin tone, texture, firmness, hair color, coarseness, or length. That versatility is the reason we opted for the GentleLase machines, and it’s why you should opt for Flawless Skin Center as your hair removal service of choice.

We bring both the science and the art together, adjusting our tools like an artist mixes paint. Your body is the canvas, and our job is to make you look as perfect as any masterpiece painted by Van Gogh or Mondrian. With our GentleMax Pro laser system, we have what we need to help your beauty shine.

Bonus: Did you know the GentleMax Pro laser system isn’t just designed for hair removal? It can also be used to deal with pigmented lesions, benign vascular lesions, leg veins, facial veins, nail fungi, and beard bumps. You can improve your appearance thanks to this versatile machine that helps us be the scientific artists you need us to be.

Want to find out more about what we can do for you? Contact us today and talk with one of our specialists, or scroll through our website to see images of people we have helped. Our job is to deliver the optimal beauty experience—we want you to be happy with YOU!

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