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Why Fall is the Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal

Here’s Why Fall is the Best Time to Get Laser Hair Removal


Summer is gone and fall is finally here! While we might miss the warmer months, it’s never too early to prepare for next summer by removing any body hair you aren’t interested in keeping. You don’t have to stick to razors to remove unwanted hair, though: now that the seasons have changed, you can look into booking a laser hair removal appointment! This is why why fall is the best time to get laser hair removal.

While it’s possible to get a laser hair treatment procedure done any time of the year, this time of year is actually the best for seeking out your first treatment. Why is this time of year the best and not, say, the weeks of spring leading up to June? We have answers for you to help you decide whether or not to leave the razors alone this year and try lasers instead!

Protect your skin from the Sun

The sun is out less often in the fall, which means good things when you want laser hair removal. Before and after your laser hair removal treatment, you will need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for the best results. This is because laser lights can damage sunburned skin, and getting lots of sun exposure after treatment can result in skin damage or discoloration as well. For this reason, getting treatments in summer or even in spring can be difficult or risky.

Fall temperatures are cooler than they are in summer, which means exposing less skin to the elements when going outside. You’re already protecting yourself more from the weather this way, so you won’t have to change your wardrobe much in the fall to keep your skin safe after your appointments!

Hide your Hair Regrowth

Not only will you protect your skin by wearing extra layers, but you can also keep treated areas hidden away. Your hair won’t be completely gone after one laser treatment appointment: it may grow back, though it does so less and less the more treatments you receive. As it comes back in, it may look patchy compared to how it used to look. If you feel self-conscious about the idea of this hair being seen, you can easily cover it up under the sweaters, scarves, and jeans that suit the fall season so well. No one will even know!

Which brings us to…

Get Full Results, Right On Time

Multiple appointments are required to get the most out of your laser hair treatments. You can expect there to be several weeks of rest in between treatments to allow some hair to grow back, as well as to give your skin time to rest. You may also need additional treatments, depending on your desired final result. All in all, it’s important to speak with a technician about what laser hair removal treatments are best for you, and you will want as much time as you can to get the best results from your appointments. Book your first appointment in the fall, and when summer returns next year, your body will be beach-ready and hair-free!

These are the reasons why Fall is the best time to get laser hair removal treatment! Whether you’re looking for perfectly smooth legs that never need to be shaved again, you want to tidy up your hairline a little better, or you want a full bikini treatment, check out the treatment options available at Flawless Skin Center to see what works best for you.

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