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The Many Uses of Juvederm: Which Filler is Right for Your Problem Area?


The many uses of Juvederm: which filler is right for your problem area? Juvederm fillers are a family of fillers are developed by the makers of Botox. They are a popular brand in the United States. Juvederm fillers comes in many different types according to the part of the face that needs rejuvenation. It is most commonly associated with lip plumping injections. But they have several other uses as well.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a family of dermal fillers used to rejuvenate different parts of the face. They are a collection of Hyaluronic acid fillers and works on the bond of HA molecules in your face. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, but its growth slows down as we grow old. It function is to bind with the moisture in our body and gives us a youthful glow. With age, we start to lose the HA causing wrinkles, loosening of skin and sagging.

Juvederm fillers pumps Hyaluronic Acid in our body and encourages binding wherever needed. It helps restore the skin to its former glory. By eliminating the wrinkles and prominent sagging and encouraging the youthful glow.

Which Juvederm products are right for you?

Juvederm fillers are injected according to the face needs. Some parts need think gel and others can make do with a thick layer only. The injections also depend on the thickness of tissues and depth of tissues. These injections generally help with cheeks, lower face and lips. They come in various types. Like Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Pus, Juvederm Vobella, Juvederm Volume X etc.

Juvederm Ultra XC

Juvederm Ultra XC are lip fillers. They are used to enhance your lips. According to the type of lips you are aiming for, these are injecting on the lip line, the Cupid’s bow, or the inside of lips. Some of their uses are: alignment, plumping, pillowing or definition. They all give a very natural look. Remember to communicate your requirements to the consultant clearly. So that you are happy with the end product. Too many fillers can end up looking very fake and not pleasing at all.

You can expect some swelling in the first couple of days after the procedure. It is normal. Some people come back after the swelling has gone down because they prefer the swollen look. It can last for six to twelve months.

Juvederm Volume XC

Juvederm Volume XC are cheek fillers. Doctors will examine your face from all angles to suggest what they think is best for you. But you need to be vocal about what you want. So that the consultant can recommend according to your preferences.

These injections are injected both above and below the problem area. Depending on what will be more beneficial to you. They are injected with a small needle and have anesthesia mixed in to help you with any uneasiness. It can last for almost two years. And fades overtime so you can get maintenance injections in-between that time to increase its efficiency.

Juvederm Ultra Plus

It is used in the lines around the nose and the mouth, popularly known as the laugh lines. It is a thicker than the Juvederm Ultra. It is used in the areas where more volume is required. It can also be used to sculpt face all over and as a facial contour.

It is a version between Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra XC. Hence it is thicker than Juvederm Ultra but it does not have anesthesia like Juvederm Ultra XC.

Juvederm Vobella

One of the newest member of the Juvederm family is the Vobella. It is relatively thin liquid and gives a very natural looking outcome. It is used to treat lip lines and to plump the lips a little.

Keep in mind, that whatever procedure you are going for. You should clearly communicate with a professional about your requirements to get the best suited treatment. Have any questions? Schedule a FREE consultation with Flawless Skin Center.

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