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UltraShape Power

What is UltraShape Power


UltraShape Power is a non-invasive body contouring treatment approved by the FDA in 2016 for fat reduction in the hips, abdomen, and thighs. UltraShape Power utilizes ultrasound energy to break up and destroy the targeted fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. The ultrasound energy creates a vibration that causes the fat cells to break apart and become liquefied, ultimately destroying them. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are naturally eliminated from your body. The original UltraShape Body Shaping treatment was effective, but the UltraShape Power is 20% more powerful than the original. The upgraded version has a smaller device, which allows for more efficient and quicker treatments.

Effectiveness of UltraShape Power
The majority of studies have shown that UltraShape Power is effective, and the results are more natural and smoother than a cool sculpting treatment. When comparing UltaShape and Cool Sculpting, there was about a 12% higher fat reduction rate with the UltraShape. One of the most noticeable differences between Cool Sculpting and UltraShape is the comfort level. Users reported no discomfort with the UltraShape than swelling, possible bruising, and tenderness for as much as eight weeks following a Cool Sculpting treatment. Users reported zero pain during and after treatment. The treatment is ideal for those with genetically acquired problem areas or with stubborn fat that cannot be eliminated even when maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a healthy diet. For optimum results, most people typically need three treatments that are spaced two weeks apart.

Pros and Cons of UltraShape Power

Just like almost all other cosmetic treatments, there are pros and cons with UltraShape Power:

The results of UltraShape Power are considered permanent. Although the destroyed fat cells are permanently gone, the new fat cells will expand if you gain weight. The treatments are completely painless, and there is no injury to your skin or the surrounding tissue. There is no downtime required following an UltraShape Power treatment. You will be able to resume your regular activities, including regular exercise, the day after your treatment.

Although most people begin to see results within two weeks after their first treatment, some people will need to have a series of three treatments and may have to wait as much as four months for the optimal results. On average, UltraShape Power is slightly more costly than other non-surgical body contouring or fat-reduction procedures, such as Cool Sculpting. This treatment does not tighten loose skin, so those without good skin elasticity may need skin tightening after the fat has been removed to prevent the skin from sagging.

It’s essential to keep in mind that this is not a weight-loss procedure and the best candidates are in good physical shape with a healthy lifestyle. To maintain the results, you must maintain a stable weight, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. This treatment is entirely safe and doesn’t have any adverse effects.

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