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what is a vi peel

What is a VI Peel?  

Many kinds of chemical peel treatments are available on the market, with varying ingredients to give you specific results and treat common skin issues, like wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne, or dull, dry skin. The VI Peel is popular with patients who want to look extra luminous for an upcoming event like a wedding, milestone birthday, or once-in-a-lifetime vacation. This chemical peel is designed to be less irritating than a full chemical peel that reaches down to the deeper skin layers but is still strong enough to remove old skin cells in the skin’s top layers and expose fresh ones, leaving the face glowing radiantly.

What is a VI Peel?

Made with a distinct blend of effective ingredients, including acids and vitamins, the Vi peel takes away the old, dry layers of skin to stimulate collagen production, remove discolorations from the skin, and treat acne problems. The VI peel is considered a light chemical peel because it is less likely to irritate the skin due to the lack of hydroxy acids in the formulation. It takes off the damaged outer layers of skin. It exposes the soft, fresh skin underneath, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin to fill out any problem areas and small wrinkles. Blending peeling ingredients like phenol with anti-aging compounds like retinol A, the Vi Peel is sure to enhance the look of the skin and increase natural collagen production.

What to Expect From Your Vi Peel

While the procedure can vary based on where you go to get it done, it typically starts with the technician cleaning your face of any dirt and oil getting it ready to apply the peel. Next, the first layer of the peel goes on your skin and is left to dry. You might feel tingling or numbness at this point, which should pass once the second layer is applied. The second layer is put on shortly after that, and once it dries, it turns white, so it is easily visible. The peel is left to soak in for a specified time, after which you can wash it off and apply the moisturizing cream provided by your technician.

Immediately after the peel is done, you can go home with the aftercare instructions and the moisturizing cream supplied. Over the next day or two, the skin will begin to peel and scab as the full effect of the treatment is felt throughout the skin’s top layers. During this time, the skin might itch and burn, leading you to want to scratch your face. It’s important not to pick at the skin while this is happening and continue to moisturize with the provided cream at least two to four times a day. Once the skin is done peeling, the result is brighter, smoother skin that projects a radiant glow.
Thanks to the gentle nature of the VI chemical peel and the short recovery time associated with the procedure, it’s ideal as a one-time boost to help give your skin the luminous glow you’ve always wanted in photos and on an essential upcoming day. Or you can schedule a series of Vi peels before your wedding or another big special occasion to get your skin in to optimal condition and give it time to recover. You can also have the treatment applied to areas like the top of the chest, back, hands, and eyelids to get rid of skin conditions in these areas.

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