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What Are the Benefits of Sculptra?


Sculptra is an FDA-approved treatment of facial lipoatrophy that consists of an injection of the exclusive composition of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Sculptra is especially effective in the cheeks, around the eyes and temples, chin area, softening and re-contouring boney cheekbones, redefining jawline, melolabial and nasolabial folds (mouth to chin/nose to mouth). Below, we have highlighted the numerous benefits of this treatment.

The natural reduction of facial lines and wrinkles is possibly the most important benefit of this treatment. Sculpta is a hypo-allergenic (minimal risk of an adverse reaction) mixture of hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring element increases facial volume while simultaneously filling in fine lines and wrinkles. The injection of this hypo-allergenic mixture of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid has been proven incredibly effective in the treatment of removing deep lines, thus adding years to facial appearance.

Another amazing benefit is its ability to promote the ever-important development of collagen. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, is responsible for healthy joints skin elasticity and helps keep skin soft and bouncy. In our youth, the body tends to make excess collagen. However, unfortunately, our collagen levels tend to diminish as we age, which ultimately leaves our skin saggy and stretched out. Sculptra allows the body to produce more of that vital collagen, thus producing radiant skin and helping to get back that youthful glow.

Sculptra provides seemingly natural results for a long duration. One of the most crucial facets of treatment is providing natural-looking results. There have been numerous occasions where patients have touted results lasting two years. This effect can be maximized by a good skincare routine that includes gentler cleansing methods and moisturizers, staying out of or avoiding direct sunlight, a healthy diet, and a good exercise regimen.

This treatment has been proven to provide patients with better facial volume. It gives the patient a younger, fuller face because it is specifically designed to fill in sallow cheeks, which gives the appearance of a smooth, healthy, voluminous face in all the right areas. In today’s ever-changing beauty standards, round cheeks and full lips are timeless and radiate beauty and youth instead of thinner or more gaunt faces. Increasing facial volume in the right areas erases facial dullness and increases that youthful glow.

It smooths out skin texture, which can help the skin look more youthful and healthier. Since this treatment is proven to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, the face will look more uniform, less obscure. This allows makeup application to go on smoother and makes it less likely to cake up in those areas of the face.

Perhaps one of the most important products of the Sculptra treatment is how minimally invasive it is. There is virtually no downtime or recovery time, and the changes are gradual, which ultimately means it will be a very subtle change. This also means patients can return to living life right after leaving the appointment room. In fact, the entire recovery process is very minimal, which means patients won’t have to take time away from work or other obligations. This is why Sculptra is so increasingly popular with many. Treatments typically take just about half an hour, so it’s a quick procedure

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