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Ways to Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain


One way to ensure you have beautiful skin is through laser hair removal. This service is the most popular hair removing option due to it being a long-lasting solution; coarse hair will definitely be removed from the underarm, leg, face, and bikini line. It is also a quick process with no damage to the surrounding skin.

And even with all these benefits, you may still hear many of your family members, friends, and others say that the process is very painful. Having said this, there are different precautions you can take to reduce laser hair removal pain, and the following include those precautions:

1.Obtain Enough Sleep the Previous Night.
Do your best to get eight hours of sleep the night before your appointment. Without sufficient sleep, your body systems and mood will be negatively affected, including pain receptors.

2. Immediately Avoid Laser Hair Removal Before or During Menstruation.
Pain tolerance is negatively affected when there are changes in your hormone levels. So, you should wait a few weeks after your period is done.

3.Significantly Increase Your Water Consumption.
Drink a gallon of water before your appointment. If your appointment is early in the morning, drink before you go to bed or when you wake up.

4.Avoid Caffeine.
Caffeine makes you more sensitive to pain. So, it will behoove you to avoid caffeinated drinks the morning before your appointment.

5 Shave the Laser Hair Removal Area
When the hair in your area of concern is not long, you will feel the least pain. So, shaving those areas is key.

5.Obtain a Good Ice Pack.
Immediately using an ice pack before and after your appointment for five to 10 minutes will numb the pain. Also, ice will cause relief pain after your laser hair removal treatment.

6.Using Numbing Cream
Topical numbing cream is also a great alternative to use before treatment. You should apply it 20 to 30 minutes before your appointment.

7.Take a Pain Reliever to use Before the Appointment.
Taking a pain reliever 30 to 45 minutes before your procedure will significantly help because it takes this approximate amount of time for the medicine to kick in.

8.Get Answers about Antihistamines from the Physician or Pharmacist.
Some people stated that they had reduced pain when they took over-the-counter antihistamine some hours before their procedure. So, you can consult with your doctor or pharmacist before administering new medicines, and you should read all the closing instructions and labels.

After the Treatment
After the treatment, you may need a day or two before any sign of pain from the procedure leaves. So, you should reduce physical activity, wear loose-fitting clothes, and the treated area should always be clean. It should also remain free from sweating. Furthermore, you should do the following in addition to some of the tips listed above: Put on sunscreen before going outside, and do not scratch the treated area.

Your pain level will significantly be reduced upon using these tips. And before you know it, you are free from the worry of pain, and you won’t have hair on those areas for a long time to come.

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