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Velashape: The Hot New Body Sculpting Secret of Victoria’s Secret Angels


People magazine recently profiled a hot new body sculpting secret used by Victoria’s Secret angels like Candice Swaenpoel and Lais RibeiroVelashape III is a completely non-invasive way to reduce cellulite, and it can greatly enhance body contours.

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Who’s a Good Velashape Candidate?

As the People magazine Style & Beauty Assistant who tried Velashape learned, the treatment can be a great option for anyone who wants to do some body fine tuning, the easy way. Velashape is best suited for women (or men) who are already at a healthy weight, but who just want to deal with a few trouble spots. For example, if you’re frustrated with your “muffin top” even after exercise and diet, Velashape might be a good option for you.


What Does Velashape Feel Like?

Velashape can feel like a deep warmth in the treatment area, but it’s generally not painful at all. Your Velashape practitioner will be happy to give you a moment to cool off when needed. Because it heats the target fat up to about 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the fat cells are prompted to shrink down and let go of their contents. You’ll eliminate that melted fat through regular bodily functions.


Maintaining Your Velashape Results

The People magazine representative found that Velashape can yield some pretty impressive toning and shaping. To achieve optimal results, it’s important that you keep up a healthy diet and get regular exercise. This helps avoid fat cell expansion in the future.

Overall, the People magazine article showed us exactly why the Victoria’s Secret models love this non-invasive fat removal method so much: It’s quick, easy, and has fast results if you’re the right candidate.

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