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Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Myths


We all have unwanted body hair that we often struggle to remove with some DIY home remedies or through shaving and waxing. Still, these are only temporary solutions, the hair will grow back even darker and thick, and honestly, it can be a real mess to do a whole process. However, laser hair removal treatment is a permanent solution that can save you from all the chaos and will reduce the growth, giving you a perfectly smooth skin.

When it comes to removing body hair, we often consider shaving, waxing, or even using an epilator to remove the hair. However, laser treatment for removing body hair is an option that isn’t discussed much due to some misconceptions and myths that have been circulating for a while that has scared people from using this innovative tool to remove body hair.

To get perfectly smooth skin, you need to ignore all the baseless myths and misconceptions that have been clouding up your mind and preventing you from getting flawless skin. We have listed some of the myths about laser hair removal treatment to help you clear up your mind about this treatment.

1- Myth: Laser Hair Removal is not safe

It is baseless to presume that laser treatment would be unsafe because FDA has certified the laser hair removal treatment as safe; however, the safety of the laser treatment depends on which type laser system has been used. This is why you should always go for approved laser hair removal treatments, cheap ones are not recommended.

2- Myth: The hair will grow back

Laser hair removal treatment is considered as ‘semi-permanent’ because due to some hormonal changes or medications, body hair can grow back. However, they are relatively light and thin than it previously was.

3- Myth: Laser treatment is not for everyone

Laser hair removal treatment works on every skin type; however, it depends on the color of your hair, for example, it will not be easy for the laser to treat red or white hair because these colours have less pigmentation. Experts have suggested that people with white, grey and red hair should consider electrolyte treatment.

4- Myth: One treatment would be enough

No, it is certainly not the case; you need to get a few sessions to completely get rid of all unwanted hair because one session will not be enough for this. Everyone has a different hair growth cycle, and while you are getting your hair removed from one end, there would be other follicles that will erupt new hair. To get the best results, you will need more than one session.

5- Myth: The treatment will be painful to sustain

Some people do have sensitive skin and exposing to laser might affect their skin, so it is essential if you ask your dermatologist beforehand. However, after getting laser hair removal treatment, most people have reported that it is less painful than waxing or an epilator.

If you are still a skeptic about getting laser hair removal treatment, it is best if you first consult your dermatologist, they will answer all your queries about laser treatment and everything you need to know about this treatment. Also, they will carefully examine your skin and hair type and will recommend the duration of treatment you should get and the preventions you need to take once the procedure is done.

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