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Top 3 Common Body Contouring and Laser Skin Tightening Myths Dispelled


Non-invasive fat reduction with Velashape or UltraShape is one of the easiest ways to eliminate fat without surgery. While there’s no doubt that body contouring and laser skin tightening have a number of advantages, there are also some myths connected to this type of procedure. Here are the most common myths, dispelled.

1. Laser Lipo is the Same as Surgical Lipo

Actually, laser lipo and surgical lipo are different. Surgical lipo can remove even very large pockets of fat, while laser lipo is better suited for the small to medium fat deposits. Surgical lipo can be done at the same time as excess skin removal, but laser lipo only removes fat cells while it gently tightens the skin. For this reason, you should have good skin tone for laser lipo.

2. Fat Can Return After Laser Lipo

Once the fat cells are destroyed with laser lipo, they’re gone for good. The body eliminates the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system, so they won’t return. However, the fat cells in the other areas, including those right next to the treatment areas, could potentially expand if you’re not careful to maintain your results.

3. Non-Invasive Body Contouring Can Improve Your Health Habits

While non-invasive body contouring can give you the results you want in terms of fat reduction, it’s important to remember that long term maintenance is up to you. To achieve and maintain optimal results, you’ll need to keep up a healthy diet and regular exercise. While body contouring can give you a more beautiful body, you’ll have to work to make sure it’s maintained.

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