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Tanning in Between Laser Sessions? Know the Facts


If you’re having laser hair removal in Los Angeles, one of your concerns may be that you want to keep tanning during the hair removal process. While you can tan in between laser sessions, there are a few things you should know about before doing so.

The Laser is Drawn to Melanin

The hair removal laser is drawn to the melanin in your skin. Tanning increases your melanin, giving the laser more to do. The more melanin that you have, the harder it is for the hair removal laser to accurately target the hair. Basically, tanning between your laser hair removal Los Angeles can mean that you’ll need to have more laser hair removal sessions overall to get the result you want.

You Can Get Laser Hair Removal When Tanned

If you’ve already got a tan, you may be worried that you can’t get laser hair removal. You can absolutely get laser hair removal while tanned, but as mentioned above you might need to have more sessions to get the results you want. However, if you stop tanning while you’re having laser hair removal you will be able to get faster results as the amount of melanin in your skin decreases.

Alternatives to Consider

There’s no reason to suffer with excess hair today. If you want fast laser hair removal results and need to avoid tanning because of that, you can consider options like self-tanning lotions or spray tans. They’re temporary options that won’t interfere with your laser hair removal. However, don’t use any lotions or other self-tanning products immediately before your laser session: skin needs to be clean for best results!

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