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Laser Hair Removal Booking (Series of 3)

Say goodbye to shaving, tweezing, and waxing with our laser hair removal, suitable for all skin types.


(3 Sessions of Underarms)


Book Below to Secure Your Series of 3 Appointments
90% Reduction In Hair Growth, All Skin Types.

Available at 3 Los Angeles locations

4 Unique Features:


Most effective laser on the market! 80% hair reduction in just 4 sessions!


GentleMax Pro uses Innovative technology with added Contact Cooling, which increases patient comfort. Making treatments more enjoyable than ever before.


Regardless of your hair color, thickness or skin tone we can get you effective results for the hair removal you need.


Concerned about burns, blisters, or scars? Our advanced laser technology and skilled techs eliminate those worries!


Laser Technology.

Unlike traditional laser treatments, the GentleMax Pro integrates a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that sprays a cooling burst of cryogen before and after each laser pulse, enhancing patient comfort. This cooling mechanism, along with precise targeting, ensures treatments are more comfortable, safer for a wide range of skin types, and maximizes the energy absorbed where it is needed most.


Underarms - 3 Sessions



Full/Partial Bikini - 3 Sessions



Half Arms - 3 Sessions



Full Arms - 3 Sessions



Half Legs - 3 Sessions



Full Legs - 3 Sessions



Embrace Silky-Smooth Skin

90% Reduction In Hair Growth, All Skin Types.

Laser Technology.

The magic of Candela GentleMax Pro lies in its dual-wavelength technology, integrated into the laser's system. Unlike traditional laser treatments, GentleMax Pro uses a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that delivers a cooling burst of cryogen before and after each laser pulse, enhancing patient comfort and safety. This advanced cooling mechanism and the combination of 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd lasers make treatments more comfortable, safer for a wider range of skin types, and more effective in targeting the desired areas.


Is it


The Candela GentleMax Pro is considered painless by most largely due to its innovative Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). This system sprays a cooling burst of cryogen onto the skin before and after each laser pulse, which helps to numb the treatment area and minimize discomfort. Additionally, the dual-wavelength lasers allow for precise targeting of the treatment area, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues and further enhancing patient comfort. This combination of cooling and precision makes treatments with the GentleMax Pro significantly more comfortable and tolerable for most patients.

80% of hair is gone after only 4 treatments.

Using our technology you may notice the results in days or about a week following each treatment. Each session is estimated to destroy 10-15% of the follicles in the area we work on. You will get more visible results with each session. While every individual’s growth cycle is different, we aim to achieve the desired result in as few sessions as possible. Full results will be achieved after the series is completed. Individual maintenance sessions may be necessary to further the result for clients with more growth cycles, those that are prone to produce new follicles more frequently, and those with hormonal or medical conditions effecting hair growth. Candela GentleMax Pro will deliver results that surpass other hair removal lasers!


How long will the result last?

Laser hair removal using our gold-standard sapphire crystal laser produces permanent damage to hair follicles and is long lasting. Some patients find that they do not require further treatment for years. More commonly, extremely low cost maintenance sessions 2-3 times per year destroy newly developed follicles and keep the area hair free.

All Skin Tones?

Yes! Our laser can remove hair on all skin tones and types. We are lucky to live in the age when technology is getting better day-by-day and after many years of research we are able to offer painless hair removal to all skin types.


"I was always scared of pain and the fact that I might potentially need around 8-10 services to get my Bikini area lasered. Once I learned about Flawless’s unique painless laser, I purchased the set of services and was amazed how effective it is. Most of my hair stopped growing after only 4 treatments. Highly recommended."

Samantha R.

Eliminate the need to shave, tweeze or wax with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types. GentleMax Pro makes it possible for all to benefit comfortably and safely from the most powerful wavelength for hair reduction, the Alexandrite (755 nm) laser.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A Typical Laser hair removal take 5-6 sessions,  spaced at least one month apart and  then maintenance treatments as needed. Based on skin and hair type,  the number of  treatment may vary.

Before & After 4 Sessions
Underarms - Permanent Results
Before & After 6 Sessions
Bikini Area - Permanent Results
Before & After 6 Sessions
Male Chest - Permanent Results
Before & After 4 Sessions
Sideburns - Permanent Results

Flawless Star Clients

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