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Winona Rain V.


I wanted to wait until my second laser hair removal session to give a review, but I already knew after my first visit that I LOVED this place. Their laser hair removal prices are unbeatable (they even have monthly deals). The service is so nice and the offices and waiting rooms are so cute and very clean.

I decided to get laser hair removal because the hair on my body grew back ridiculously fast and was always VERY thick. I had to shave my legs three times a week, sometimes more, because my hair would grow back the same day. I was soooo sick of it and I just wanted to live life without feeling my uncomfortably prickly legs or without having to worry about constantly plucking my upper lip because the hair there would grow back so fast too.

After my first session, I saw results after just a week. The hair grew back thinner and I would only have to shave once a week. It was like a whole new world. And after my second session, the hair has grown back even thinner and much less quickly. I’m so happy with the results.

Highly recommend this place!! Gotta make your appointments like 4-6 weeks in advance though because their services are in such high demand. Gotta lock your spot in ASAP.

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