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Veronica G.


I went in yesterday to get my lips done. I have been looking into it for almost a year already till i finally had the balls to make an appointment and just go do it! Coming from long beach, it was a pretty long drive but i have to say it was definitely worth it! I was stuck in traffic but the girls were able to push my appointment a little later so I was happy about that. They were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Catherine was my nurse and she was AMAZING! Of course as a first timer i had a billion questions but she was kind enough to answer all of them. I ended up getting juvaderm plus which is $50 more than the regular juvaderm. Because it was my first time, i only went for one full syringe since i only wanted my top lip to even out with my bottom lip. She had great personality and she made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I will definitely be coming back! Loved my whole experience!

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