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Suzane C.


The juiciest, painless, and most flawless laser for all

I am so glad I found this place, this place is my savior. The ambiance is very clean, trendy, and very classy. The people here are very nice as well. The nurses are great. All are very friendly and professional and definitely know what they are doing.

The best thing about this place is the laser itself. It definitely is the best laser I have tried. It does not hurt at all yet still zaps all the hair. I love this laser so much I decided to zap the hair all over my body. It is very addicting since it’s painless and does a great job. There are times when I only laser a part just once and all the hair is gone. I can’t say it will be the same for all but it definitely was for me therefore I am so grateful for this laser. It was definitely impressing and the main thing was it’s painless. I can’t stress that enough since some places still use the older lasers and they hurt and you have to go more than once for it to work.

Love the front lobby where they have drinks and classy chocolates to eat. They give actual regular sized canned drinks or bottled water and not just a cup of something. Love the coffee and tea maker as well. Very classy and the price is very decently priced. I even found some prices for the different areas of the body to be cheaper here than other places. And I feel like sometimes I even saved more here since I’ve only had to purchase once since the hair never grew back in some parts of the body.

Definitely won’t regret coming here. It’s really a great experience and they really do take care of you and have great customer service. I won’t go to another laser place again even though this place isn’t that close to my home. Had a really great experience here and I am impressed.

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