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Perla T.


I live 2 1/2 hours always from Burbank but a friend told me about flawless so we decided to make an appointment for the both of us for lip fillers and I also added laser hair removal. I read lot of horrible experiences people had with the staff but I however had a good experience with them from talking on the phone up to my appt. The receptionists from the downstairs back building seem nice didn’t have any problems there. I first did my laser treatment and the technician Erika (hope that’s her name) she was super nice!! Made me feel really comfortable.. then I proceeded to get my lip filler (first timer) with Mariam she was also very nice and used a light hand when injecting it was super quick had one bruised on my bottom lip but nothing to crazy I just made sure to massage ALOT if I felt a lump… the second day is probably when my lips felt the most swollen but by the third they started to feel Normal…. I am satisfied with the results and will get another syringe soon to add more volume… I also purchased the a series of laser treatment so I hope my experience is as pleasant as my first!! I posted some pictures below a before, day of, and five days later!

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