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Natalie K.


So far so good! I’ve had 2 sessions so far here for full Brazilian. Parking is in the back. They have a full lot for their customers which is nice. When you walk up their is one building to the left where i believe that is their injection building.. if you keep walking up the steps it’s the laser side. I love it cause when i first walked in everyone was nice and greeted me. The decor is so cozy and cute. So i automatically liked it cause first impression is everything. They have apples, chocolate, water, tea, and a coffee machine where you can help your self. You have to make an appointment because it’s so popular. I never have waited even when i showed up exactly at my appointment time. So their organization is great.
If you’re wondering if it hurts… no it’s a warm rubber band hitting your skin (in a way) after the first time i got it i already saw results! I’m a month i only shaved once. And i have thick hair. Lol
After my second session it’s been 1 week and I’m hairless nice and smooth
I come from Long Beach and i love it because the hospitality is great and the ladies who do the laser are nice and will give you the run down and answer any questions 🙂

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