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Mj F.


Parking: street and a private lot behind the business.

There are two different buildings, when coming from the parking lot there’s a building, then one up the stairs is where I get lasered. (This review is for laser hair removal). The building itself is clean and they have water/tea for the people waiting in the lobby with a tv either playing music videos or movies. I always make my appointment when they open and never had issue with waiting for my procedure. (I get my underarms, Brazilian and full legs done) The first time I had Melanie P. do my laser, and even though she was a nice girl, I felt she was very quick and didn’t get the hard to reach places (vagina lips). The second time I went I had Zhanna and I absolutely loved her. She’s VERY thorough and takes her time to make sure she’s getting everything, I also liked that she got the hard to reach places with getting the inner lips, she was very professional and I did not feel uncomfortable throughout the procedure. I totally recommend her. I like this place a lot and will continue coming here.

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