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Mariam I.


I’ve been searching for a really good esthetician for many years now- I found that in Ani! I’ve received facials at many other places before and have always noticed no real results in my skin until I got a facial with Ani.

It was my first time seeing her and she was so kind and made me feel so comfortable, I’ve never gotten such warm treatment, I immediately trusted her with my skin. When it came to the extractions she was so gentle I wasn’t in pain at all! In the past I’ve had such bad experiences I was dreading it, but she’s a true professional and she knows how to effectively remove everything without being rough.

She really cleaned out all the stuff stuck deep inside my pores, I immediately noticed the difference after her facial and even weeks after my skin looked a lot better just from one treatment.

I had a really great experience and I’m determined to come back and see her once a month to keep my skin clear and clean.

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