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So this is the place that I got my lips done for the very first time and the results were amazing. I got suzanna luckily she is amazing with lips she takes it to a room and she asks you what you want and if you have a picture as a reference and she works with you. I really love this place and it’s not only really good but it’s also inexpensive like other places. To me these prices are amazing and they are perfect specially for the quality of lip injections that you Get.. only only only downer is that it’s so far specially from me that I come from orange county Santa Ana. And it’s not even the fact oh if you have a car or not it’s just a really really really long drive I remember I went at 10 AM and my appointment was at 12:30 but I got there late I got there at 1:30.  There so much traffic it’s really hot I don’t know it’s just really far I really hope that they can actually open an office close there maybe in Corona Riverside or something similar to that because Burbank is really far.. The amount that you pay your other plus medical places is more expensive by let’s say $60 or something like that but the gas that you waste is also like $10 so it’s like I don’t know it depends if you want to go far or not but they are amazing and I totally recommend them

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