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Mahi M.


After reading amazing reviews on yelp, I bought a lifebooker deal for 6 sessions of full face laser for $140. (Incase you’re not familiar with laser costs, let me compare prices to another skin center in Beverly Hills: I paid $1500 for full face/ neck at a skin center on Robertson Blvd).  I was skeptical because I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for”, but Flawless has proved me wrong.

The nurses and front desk are AWESOME. They’re so sweet, talkative, considerate, and very catering to their customers. They greeted us (I let my mom tag along since she was paying for it!), offered us drinks and asked me to wait for a few minutes. I added 6 sessions of laser on front of neck which cost me an additional $50.  The treatment was very quick, almost painless, and I was very comfortable with the nurse. I wish I had taken her name because she was sweet. I immediately noticed results after just 1 treatment. I had NO more hair growth on the lasered areas.

a month later I went in for my second treatment and again, I felt very welcomed and cared for. The second nurse was also veryyyy sweet and we chatted like we were best friends the whole time! Again… results are incredible…. I have ZERO growth! It’s as if there was never any hair at all! I paid $1500 at another reputable beverly hills salon a few years ago and I never once experienced results as amazing as what I experienced at Flawless laser in just 2 sessions and the hair had grown back worse than before I had treatments.

I’m so glad I took a chance and purchased the life booker deal. So far I have never felt treated poorly for coming in with a “Deal” like some places might treat you. I will definitely be purchasing more laser packages for other areas of my body!

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