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Lupe H.


So I actually started coming here a year ago for underarms and upper lip wanted to do the brazilian as well but at that time i had already purchased a waxing package elsewhere. Anyways, I did 6 sessions and i LOVE IT! Smooth hair-free underarms, i noticed the difference right after my first visit. I started my brazilian laser last month and have an upcoming appointment, I can already tell the difference. Never will I go back to waxing. I live in santa clarita and although theres places closer I can go to I choose to deal with the traffic because their staff is so great. Always polite. I understand sometimes the nurses are in and out quick and some may feel rushed but hey if I’m the next person waiting then yea cut the chit chat and get moving. I mean if you really have questions and concerns check their website its pretty informative. You’re their to get a procedure done not for a consultation. C’mon ladies we can’t all be that needy for attention. Oh and I received a discount in the mail for my next visit for being a loyal customer… love it when a company rewards you for being loyal.

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