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Lisa A.


Love this place!
I found FLC through Instagram and then saw a lot of my favorite Instagram accounts get their services done here so I thought I’d try it out.
I came in for the laser hair removal for my face and arms. I was able to get an appointment rather quickly (within the week) and the ladies at the front desk were very nice and personable. I feel like they were slightly frazzled because the phones would not stop ringing. But my first time I was there, there was like a 30 minute wait last my appointment time, I wasn’t in a hurry so it didn’t bother me, but everytime after that I’d had been seen within 5 minutes. I love it, they explain the process really well and talk to me while I’m getting my face done so I don’t think about the tender areas. I have a few more sessions left and the hair is growing back slower every time and every few days I see more hair fall out. I will keep going back.

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