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Linda T.



Sorry it’s been so long!

Underarms: I have had ZERO hair growth for the past 3 months or more. I have not had to zap this area for awhile now. There use to be a tiny hair or two grow back but I haven’t seen any. If I did, I would just pluck those suckers off. Otherwise, I haven’t had to shave for over a year now!!! My friends who don’t live here are jealous. Sometimes I still zap the area just because I’m OCD.

Bikini: This was a stubborn area for a while. I still get sparse hairs on my inner lips but that’s about it now. 90% no hair growth. I will keep going for this.

Legs: I stopped for financial reasons. No real update. Sorry!

If you want laser hair removal, do it! I started lasering around March 2015. It’s Aug 2016 now. 18 mths. It’s worth it for me.  Have not had one bad experience with the staff or nurses.. Im in and out fast. A lot of bad reviews seem to be for lip injections.

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