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Kimmy D.


I decided to try out Flawless Laser after my coworker Erika recommended that I try out their laser hair removal. They have monthly specials which usually stays within the same price range and it is totally affordable! I go in every 4-5 weeks to get my under arms and full bikini/brazilian lasered. Let me tell you, it is amazing to have less hair growing in those areas now!! I have gone through 3 sessions and have about 3 more to go (more sessions may be needed depending on your hair growth). First session does feel a bit uncomfortable because honestly, who wants a stranger looking all up in your southern area? It didn’t hurt at all. There’s a cold burst of air shooting at your skin along with the laser. I would recommend Rebekka! She does an amazing thorough job. She’s my go to from here on out!

Flawless, please open a location in Orange County! I drive all the way from Westminster and would be so happy if you opened up a closer location :).

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