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Jennifer J.


Great hours! Thank you for having late appointments.  Excellent prices.  

I do not trust anyone in Las Vegas so I keep coming back.  The nurses are exceptional.  They are very careful and great with educating you.  I’ve been to several skin centers and this is by far my favorite.

On first glance, I hated the sign and the look of the building.  It seems tacky and a little gritty.  However, when you walk in it is very clean and comfortable.  They offer refreshments as well… a nice small touch to their good service.  

They try to accommodate you on the phone.  Of course they can’t overwhelm the nurses, but I’ve been able to get same day appointments and move my times around without any problems.  Of course, I give them plenty of notice when I need to move things around, but they have been very accommodating.  

They seem to be one of the most reasonable in cost.  Some places charge by time, Flawless skin center charges according to the area.  I’ve done it both ways and I don’t think there is a big difference in fees.

The lasers seem great.  These are some of the least painful lasers that I’ve experienced… and laser hair removal hurts (especially in certain areas!)  but you should feel it.  Warming: I’ve been to another center in Beverly Hills and the laser seems a little less painful, but it was very ineffective.  The nurses at Flawless Laser seem to have great knowledge of how intense to run the laser.  I prefer coming back because they keep records of the intensity so they can adjust your treatments accordingly.

Note:  I was just told that they have a new laser that is targeted for people with slightly darker skin tones.  They are just waiting to be trained before using the new laser.  

All lasers work best with lighter skin tones and darker hair. They will assess you if you have never done it before and give you their best estimate on the outcome.

It hurts, but its absolutely worth it!

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