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Emily G.


Amazing !! Always wanted to do laser since I was about 15 years old but was always worried about going to a certain spot I wasn’t recommended to go to. I follow many beauty influencers and a majority all go here for laser and injections. I finally started coming a year ago and haven’t stopped. All of the nurses are super friendly and knowledgeable about the services. I’ve had 6 sessions done so far it’s cheaper than waxing every month and it’s a permanent change. I thought I’d get rashes from having to shave in between sessions because I have sensitive skin  but I haven’t 🙂 best decision I ever made coming here ! Also just got lip fillers for the first time a week ago and love the results ! I always had a smaller top lip so I wanted half a syringe on top majority and little bit on bottom. Here are some images of before and after

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