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Donna B.


I went back to Flawless after a surprise business trip allowed me to come back to So Cal ~ even after all the time that passed from my first experience, Lianna made sure to honor her promise to me over the phone, which was to help me resolve any issues I had from my first visit. The staff is super nice as always, and Lianna is the nicest and most helpful of them all; she followed up to make sure a time worked for me while I was in town, and wanted to ensure I didn’t have to wait to be seen. I was given a lengthy description of the changes to their procedure (different formula, more training, smaller needles), by my technician/nurse. She said there had been others who also had some issues during the same time I did. My results are excellent and I am pleased with how they took such care to make it right, even offering to do additional areas. I would encourage you to give them a chance; I doubt you will find such great customer service and great prices anywhere else! The reviews for this place are great; give it a try!

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