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Diana G.


My new obsession! You heard right, people!

I came here for the very first time (and in general) on 3/15/16 to get bikini laser hair removal. I had heard so many good things about it from friends and also from pretty people online (like we all do!). I was always curious about laser hair removal but it never appealed to me until I said “heck with it!”, and decided to give it a go after 26 years of life!

The entire process was marvelous! From making my initial appointment, to checking in, and the laser process itself.

Upon making my appointment, the receptionist was very kind and sweet. Gave me information on the pain of the procedures, and also advised me on how to be prepared for my appointment. She was very friendly and personable.

Coming in for my very first time I was required to fill out information documents and the wait time was about 5 minutes. They take punctuality vey seriously and I appreciate that.

When my time for laser removal I was greeted by Susan who would be doing the procedure for me. She was super sweet and very comfortable to be around. She gave me a full introductory and made sure to answer all my questions. The pain lever was between 1 to none. Very, very minimal. Being that I only did bikini, the entire procedure took about 5 minutes. It felt super quick. Susan was very professional and made me feel super comfortable. I will absolutely continue coming here. I am excited to see my results!

Thanks Susan!

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