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Christina P.


My favorite skin center! I used to go to a different skin center, but after discovering Flawless I will never go anywhere else. Aside from it being super close to my house it is brand new and most importantly clean and welcoming. They have street parking in the front and a bunch in the back. Melanie my nurse is the BEST!! She is so caring, very particular in what she does, and is not too slow and not too fast. She also does injections. She fixed my lip injections that another nurse ruined elsewhere. She literally saved my appearance. Do not even get me started on ANI! She gives me the most amazing facials ever. I used to have big bumps of acne under the skin of my forehead and after a few sessions they are completely gone and have not returned. She has a lot of experience and is very knowledgable in what she does. You could basically say that when I leave, I leave “Flawless”

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