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Anush H.


I am editing the review, because i believe after leaving a review the management team contacted me so quick made me realize that they truly do care about my. Visit. It was really nice ofLianna to speak to me. I believe thats the way every business should handle and treat their clients to make them feel that they actually care!!

Previous review below

Honestly,  if it wasn’t for some of the talented Nurses especially JANNA. I would not be coming here.  and I know the nurses are the most important but I believe customer service is more important.

I haven’t had a visit that I don’t wait.
my last visit couple days ago I waited 32min extra to get my treatment. not to include everyone after me got to go but me.

They call and resecedual all thee time, then once you walk in they say it will be about 5min then you wait additional 25 min.

Again if it wasn’t for my nurses especially Janna I would not walk in here. she makes me feel little at easy during the laser process. not just that, she is amazing at what she does.

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