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Skincare review – acne

Spacious parking space, easy to find, coffee maker, chocolate, and water/soda if you want it.

Superb staff , service. I cant believe this page is not flooding with reviews for skincare. I really cannot say enough good things about this place. Super easy to make appointments, gives confirmation emails/calls. I was late for the first and second appts for diff reasons 😉 but the staff was very understanding and even did half of my face and charged less because she had another client right after mine-who does that in this town.

But warning – if you have acne and are expecting an hour of nice, relaxing facial, dont go. Personally, i was expecting some of this and it turned out, beauty comes with pain. At least for me. 40 min of extraction is not fun. I have to say. You really have to have patience-A LOT OF IT. However, the results: AMAZING.
I want about four times and my acne has calmed down and healed tremendously. It really is amazing. Thank you Ani.

Oh did i mention, this place works for results and happiness of their clients. Not for money. Service is reasonably priced. They even gave me acne treatment product to try at home to help my acne. The white stuff work like magic, i use it everyday and it seems like you can only get it here. Its a secret.

Also, my first visit was for laser hair removal, but they did NOT recommend it -OMG IT IS SO SURPRISING TO ME STILL-and warned me about hyperpigmentation due to my personal situation. I might do it in the winter when I’m not out in the sun all the time.

I would give ten stars if possible. Definitely recommend.

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