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Ann L.


Okay, so update on my situation. So after my last experience I was dead set on never coming to flawless skin center again. But then Liana reached out to me and called me. She took the situation very seriously and took time to talk to me and hear it out. She seemed shocked by what happened and I felt like it was a very unusual situation for them. She was very caring and sweet on the phone and made me feel safe to come back to the Sherman oaks center to get a correction. I’m really glad I took a risk and went over there. My experience was wonderful. Liana was personally there, the center felt so welcoming and the staff was very professional and kind. My nurse Zhanna took time and explained what had happened to my lips and listened to my concerns. She was absolutely amazing. My lips look completely even now, the shape is perfect with no brushing either. It’s amazing how personality, kindness and great service can change your experience. I’m very satisfied and will definitely be back to Zhanna to get more fillers done in the near future. Thank you so much Liana for turning around my experience with Flawless skin center.

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