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Ani D.


I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I used to be terrified of getting laser treatments, considering I had a terrible experience at another skin center, but i couldn’t handle the ugly painful razor burns anymore. Even when i would shave my legs i would still have those little hair follicle spots and it just wasn’t that smooth look i kept seeing on others. This place changed everything for me!! No more shaving bumps, in grown hairs, ugly razor burns, and NO MORE HAIR!! Super plus, Everyone is so sweet and accommodating here from their receptionists to their nurses!!

I also decided to do some Botox and fillers, and syuzana and zhanna have the most gifted hands!!! I used to have thin lips and got sick of “over lining” with my MAC whirl and soar lip liner, and the fillers were perfect, not too much, not too little just absolutely perfect!! Not to mention it totally boosted my confidence and I can’t recommend this place enough to people!!

Love love love this place!!!

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