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Alireza N.


I have been coming here for years and just realized I never got a chance to review the place! If I could give fifty stars, I would. Everyone here is nice- they are very very busy but always do their best to accommodate you and give you realistic expectations because let’s be honest here.. some of you want the Four Seasons experience with your cosmetics but have a Motel 6 budget lol.

Throughout the years, I have had about a dozen nurses work with me and every single one has produced exceptional results. I have only had one experience years ago when a nurse missed a single spot when lasering and all I had to do was stop in and get the spot touched up easy peasy.

There is plenty of parking in the back with lots of street parking up front. Any time anyone ever asks me where I go for my “maintenance,” I always refer them to Flawless- even if they live in a different country.

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