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Alexa W.


I had my lips done a week ago exactly and I love them! The pain was much less than I expected, kind of felt like having a hair plucked out of your upper lip when the needle went in and out. I couldn’t believe how quickly it took! The actual lip injection was like 5 minutes! I had bruising on my left side on the lower and upper lip which is completely normal. I also had a bad headache later that evening (unrelated to the lip fillers) and took an ibruprofen which they don’t recommend as it can bring out bruising so I did bring it on myself. The swelling the next morning was much more than on the day of the actual injections but subsided during the day- just a heads up! I recommend Slathering your lips in Arnica cream- really really helps with bruising as well as taking Bromelian supplements 🙂 They are currently just the perfect amount of plump, I wanted lips where I could put some gloss and feel like my lips had enough definition and that’s exactly what I got! I love them and definitely will be back!

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