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New Year, New Me: Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement 


Is it a necessity to get your nose fixed? It can be. If you have issues breathing through your nose, a procedure to fix that may be in order. Most of the time, it is done for cosmetic reasons. The patient is not happy with the way their nose looks.

What Next?

Let’s say you have decided to move forward with nose enhancement procedures. Now what? Did you know there is now a non-surgical way to do it? This is true.

What Is This Procedure?

Nose filler procedures, aka its scientific name of nonsurgical rhinoplasty, are becoming popular due to their non-invasive nature. What happens is a certified plastic surgeon injects a filler into your nose. It changes the structure of a person’s nose and is proving to be preferred, albeit temporary.

What Is a Nose Job?

It is essentially the same thing as rhinoplasty, just another term for it. According to experts, there is rarely a distinction between the two phrases.

What Is the Definition of Rhinoplasty?

Professional plastic surgeons describe it as a type of surgery where the shape of somebody’s nose is changed. Not only will it change the shape, but if there are breathing issues, rhinoplasty will help with that too. The surgeons note that while the upper part of a nose is bone, the lower part is cartilage. A great surgeon will be able to perform this new nonsurgical procedure to perfection.

Is This Method Safe?

As with any type of facial enhancement process, there can be side effects. Those would include a red nose and soreness in and around the nose itself. Despite this, professional surgeons who are gifted at performing such procedures, swear up and down to its safety. It is certainly safer than the traditional methods of enhancing someone’s nose.

What Kind of Nasal Problems Can This Method Solve?

  • Breathing problems
  • Nose too large or too small
  • Nose that is crooked or otherwise out of shape
  • Nose not in line with the rest of your face
  • If you do not like the way your nose looks FOLLOWING this procedure, it is only temporary. Then you need not repeat the procedure
  • For faster solutions to the previously mentioned problem, you can go back and have the surgeon reverse the process

Is a Nose-Filler Job Expensive?

It depends on precisely what you want done. Some procedures will cost more than others. The phrase, “you get what you pay for,” also applies here. If you want a high-quality surgery, you will pay a little more for the surgeon. Isn’t it worth the price to have it done properly?

Another point to consider here is your own image. If you are not comfortable with the appearance of your nose, you will lack self-confidence. A nose job can be a life-changing event and have long-lasting positive results. Only you can decide if it is worth the price of the surgery.

Where Can You Find Such a Surgeon?

As with any other type of service, you can begin with an Internet search. However, due to the serious nature of the nose enhancement event, you want to put a little more effort into this. Once you come up with a list of relevant service providers, take the time to interview them.

Ask tough questions of the prospective surgeon and to see proof of qualifications. After all, it is your face we are talking about. This process cannot be taken too lightly. If you have a regular medical doctor, perhaps ask him or her for a recommendation as well as advice.

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