What Is Morpheus 8?

Morpheus 8 is a device that is designed to combine micro-needling and radio-frequency to achieve deep fractional remodeling. The Morpheus8 can be used both on the face and body.

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    Morpheus8 micro-needling has the ability to treat the following areas/conditions:

    • Acne and acne scars
    • Large pores
    • Rough skin texture
    • Sagging skin
    • Stretch marks
    • Wrinkles

    When should I expect results?

    Optimal results may be achieved in as little as one treatment or through a series of treatments conducted over a period of several weeks. Your provider can make an accurate estimate of treatment outcome by observing the condition of your skin.

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    Is there any downtime?

    Side effects may include redness and swelling. It is possible that some patients may experience temporary bruising. The micro-needling aspect of treatment may leave tiny points on the skin that crust and flake off.

    Are There Any Other Benefits?

    Yes, Morpheus8 is also a long-term solution for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The specially designed microneedling tip can deliver heat under the skin to reduce sweat glands in a single session. Treatments can reduce excessive sweating of the underarms, hands, and feet.

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    Please schedule a free consultation for more information.

    Area Single Session Series of 3
    Full Face $800 $2200 (save $200)
    Full Face & Neck $900 $2450 (save $250)
    Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in underarms) $800 $2200 (save $200)
    Body Consultation required Consultation required
    * Additional $300 if PRP injection is added.
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