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Maintaining Body Contouring Results during the Holidays


If you’re planning on getting a body contouring treatment in Los Angeles, or recently had cellulite reduction, you’re probably already considering how to best maintain your results for the long term. There are several things you can do to maintain those great results — but the upcoming holidays might make it a bit of a challenge. Here are the ways you can maintain your fat reduction results while still enjoying the holidays.

Eat the good stuff, but in a specific way.

Portion control is essential when it comes to both staying healthy and to maintaining your cellulite reduction results. If a portion of pretzels is a certain number of pieces, don’t be shy about counting them out if you can’t eyeball it accurately. A food scale can also be helpful for home use. If you’re longing for a slice of mom’s special Christmas pie, limit yourself to a small piece — and make sure that it’s your only dessert. Load up on proteins rather than fats. You can still enjoy many holiday meals by following these simple guidelines.

Exercise and make it fun.

Exercise may seem like a challenge during the holiday season, but it’s an essential part of maintaining your fat reduction results. When you’re really busy, it might seem hard to make it to the gym or to do your regular exercise routine. However, you might be able to fit in some less common exercise. Try hikes with friends or family after a big meal, or even family bike rides. When you’re shopping, park as far away as possible and always take the stairs to get in a little extra fat burning.

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