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Botox is an amazing nonsurgical procedure done for fine lines and wrinkles. To be precise, Botox derivates from Clostridium Botulinum. Initially, at the initial stages, this procedure was used to treat patients that had muscle spasms. Over time doctors began to notice that this treatment was working on the fine lines around the eyes of the patients injected as well. Now, Botox is used as one of the most important and frequently used treatments for anti-aging. However, several myths are associated with this specific treatment for years now.

If you are opting to get Botox done, read on, and get to know some truths:

Botox is toxic

This is not the truth. In actual honesty, Botox is a neurotoxin and a protein. The only way Botox could be toxic is if a patient is injected with a sufficient amount to cause death. Do not forget that the FDA approves the treatment of Botox, like other medical procedures, the only way it can be dangerous is if the patient comes in contact with an excessive amount of the medication used.

Botox is painful

The actual truth against this myth is that a lot of patients are often left surprised when they find out how little discomfort the procedure can cost. The procedure is carried out by injecting a small needle in the skin, and having a professional, board-certified dermatologist or surgeon performing the procedure eliminates any risk and gives better outcomes. Even the fear of needles shouldn’t be holding you back. As the procedure only takes 5 minutes to complete, and as reported by most of the patients, they sometimes barely feel anything.

Botox can cause excessive redness, swelling, and bruising

While the reactions of the procedure vary from patient to patient, the general truth is that the side effects of Botox are temporary and mild. The spot where the injection is administered can stay pink for a little while before it entirely vanishes. Often, a patient may experience bruising around the injected spot – which can be a possibility of inserting the needle, to tackle this issue, it is advised to stop taking any blood thinners or aspirin a couple of days before you get the treatment. With that being said, usually, people who get the treatment done can resume their daily schedule immediately after the procedure.

Botox cures facial wrinkles

Contrary to this myth, Botox is used to efficiently and effectively treat moving wrinkles, which are the crow’s feet or crinkles that can be seen at the corner of your eyes while smiling. For deeper or static wrinkles, procedures like ‘wrinkles at rest’ are more likely to do a better job. However, on the brighter side, this procedure can be used with Botox to get your desired result.

● Botox steals expressions off of your face: There have been a ton of jokes made around about this myth, or even a few stern faces which makes people think they are an outcome of Botox. To deny this myth, if your Botox treatment is handled carefully by a professional surgeon, you will have no issues with facial expressions ever. Most probably, the stern and frozen faces you have noticed can be because of over injecting the medication or even from a botched full facelift.

Rest assured, all of the myths about Botox hold no truth and you can go ahead and book an appointment for yourself right now.

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