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Is Body Contouring Right for You


Most people have one part of their body that they do not like. No matter how hard they try, the weight in the area may not come off or the skin may be loose and saggy. Body contouring in Los Angeles can help to target one specific part of the body, removing fat and tightening up skin, giving you results that you have been unable to achieve with diet and exercise. Here are a few of the ways you can tell if body contouring is right for you.

You’re Over the Age of 18

First and foremost, you must be over the age of 18 to have both non-invasive and invasive body contouring techniques performed. Invasive techniques include things such as liposuction and surgical contouring. Non-invasive techniques use lasers or vacuums to melt away or suck away fat cells, tightening and contouring the body.

You’re At or Near Your Target Weight

If you are considering body contouring, you should be at or near your target weight. If you still have 50 pounds to lose, body contouring will likely not give you the results you are after. Your body will continue to change as you lose more weight, so this procedure should only be done when you are about 10 pounds or less away from your target body weight.

Diet and Exercise Haven’t Given You the Results You Want

Lastly, before you try body contouring, attempt to change your body through diet and exercise. Toning up the body is a great way to alter the appearance of the body. However, if you have tried diet and exercise and those stubborn fat cells won’t disappear, body contouring can help get rid of them.

By visiting an LA beauty skin center, you can achieve the body you are after. Body contouring in Los Angeles targets one area of the body, giving you results you can feel confident about. To learn more about body contouring in Sherman Oaks and Burbank, call Flawless Skin Center’s Sherman Oaks location at 818-465-3060 or our Burbank office at 818-848-2288 and schedule your consultation today.

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