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Is A PDO Threads Lift Right For You?


Are you experiencing sagging of the skin on your face? Are you developing jowls or dropping cheeks? It’s a natural side effect of the aging process. Gravity inevitably takes its toll and our skin becomes weak and lax.

If you want to stem the aging process without the invasiveness of plastic surgery, your best option is a PDO thread lift.

What is a thread lift?

Thread lifts are a newer treatment that continue to grow in popularity around the country. Instead of relying on surgery to remove a patient’s loose facial skin, your cosmetic surgeon suspends the skin by stitching up portions so that it pills the skin back and gives the same effect as a surgical face life.

A thread lift is more subtle than a full-face lift. While it does produce changes in the look of your face, it only lifts the face by a few millimeters. It is typically a great option for patients in their 40s who are just starting to see the effects of aging.

What are the benefits of a thread lift?

This type of facelift has many benefits. The first benefit is that there is no real risk of scarring, severe bruising, or other complications. Instead, you may experience minor irritations and the risk of infection. The procedures rely on disposable threads so you do not need to go back in to have those threads removed.

The second benefit is that the recovery time is much less intense than a surgical facelift. In addition, there is no sedation required. This can be difficult for patients that have responsibilities such as children and work that they cannot take long breaks from to recover.

When you have a thread lift, on the other hand, you are only given local anesthesia, meaning that thread lift patients can drive themselves home and look after themselves immediately after having their procedure. While the side effects may include a little redness and swelling, the most amount of time you will need to recover is about a day.

Finally, the last significant benefit of the thread lift is how long the affects will last. A thread lift will generally last from one to three years. The procedures affordability and less invasive nature, however, make it easy to have several times as you feel you need it.

How to recover from a thread lift?

In addition to minimal recovery time, the after care for thread lifts is less intensive than a full-face lift. The first warning your provider will give you is not to rub your face too hard when cleaning it and to avoid the area where the threads are when moisturizing it. In addition, they may ask you to try to prop your head slightly when sleeping so that you don’t roll on it. A follow-up treatment is typically recommended every 12 months and is the best way to maintain your results.

Is a thread lift right for you?

If you are interested in learning more about a thread lift and whether or not it is right for you, schedule a FREE consultation with Flawless Skin Center today!

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