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How To Get the Perfect Pout in Time for Valentine’s Day  


So, you want to have fuller lips, and you want them in time for Valentine’s Day? Why should you get it done, and how? What procedures are involved? Is it expensive? These questions will be answered in this informative blog. Please read it until the very end.

Why Have Fuller Lips At All?

Some people think there is a connection between fuller lips and the human reproductive drive. They believe a person’s sexual vitality is enhanced with full, pouty-looking lips. Experts feel it is done purely for cosmetic reasons when a woman or a man is uncomfortable with the way their lips look.

Perhaps an individual thinks her or his lips are too thin. It could negatively affect their self-confidence. So, the person opts to have their lips cosmetically plumped up. That makes them feel much better about themselves. That is the whole idea.

How Does Someone Get Fuller Lips?

The only way is to go to a cosmetic surgeon. He or she will perform a procedure known as a lip filler. This procedure typically involves injecting the lips with a cosmetic substance. The substance is specifically used to subtly add fullness to lips. Although lip filler procedures are often associated with women, sometimes there are men that have this done.

The injections make the lips plumper and add smooth lines and definition. Is this a necessary step to take? Do fuller lips really matter? The answers to those questions are up to the individual and are a resounding yes. If you consider this process, make the appointment now and complete it by this Valentine’s Day.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Let’s say you have now decided you do want fuller, pouty lips, and you want it done immediately. What do you do next? The one thing NOT to do is try to do it yourself. You could permanently damage your lips. Consult a professional cosmetic surgeon.

After you have selected just the right physician, he or she will discuss your aesthetic goals. What is it you want to accomplish? How much fuller do you want your lips to be? The doctor will probably show you some pictures from which you can choose the look you want.

The Procedure Itself

It will only require a small amount of time in the doctor’s office. The professional you have chosen will be an expert; therefore, you can expect great results. Be aware there will likely be some swelling and bruising of the lips for several days following the surgery. This is normal. Avoid putting on any lipstick until your lips are completely healed.

Are These Procedures Expensive?

It depends on exactly what you want done. If you opt for tissue grafting or lip implantation, it can cost a few thousand dollars. The good part is that the results last for several years.
On the other hand, if you only want a lip filling procedure done, it will cost less than one thousand dollars. The downside is that this option will only last about eight months. Then you would need to repeat the procedure often for your lips to remain full and pouty.

Parting Words of Advice

We really cannot tell you whether to have lip enhancement surgery done or not. It is completely up to each individual. We recommend you begin with a consultation of nearby cosmetic surgeons. Ask them many questions, ask for references and speak to them. There is still time if you want it done by THIS Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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