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How Laser Hair Removal can be Beneficial for Transgender Individuals


The transgender community has had a long love relationship with laser hair removal practices. Understandably, as a transgender individual, you’re often going to want to regularly remove some hair here and there to achieve your desired look. For this reason, this community considers face hair laser removal not to be just another cosmetic procedure but instead, the practice is indeed a life-redefining act. Below are the benefits of allowing laser hair removal to transgender individuals.

Preventing Mental Disorder

The presence or absence of hair in trans-gender people impacts heavily on their psychology and emotional states. Research has shown that most transgender people slip into terrible mental states upon being denied the right to remove hair while locked up in the US jails.

Boosting Student’s Performance

In a surprise move, the UCLA Berkeley institution recently added a unique insurance clause targeting the transitioning women at their esteemed campus. In its argument, UCLA notes that providing laser hair removal treatments to the transitioning transgender students, they stood a better chance of graduating with great marks as opposed to transitioning women who didn’t get the hair reduction procedures.

Avoiding Psychological Distress

Unwanted hair on the subject’s face and chest cause distress to the transgender person. The transitioning person used to rely on the anti-androgen drugs that suppress the hair growth. The only drawback was that it took many years for the anti-androgens to effectively kill all the hair cells on the various body regions. Today, however, all that has disappeared and you now have the luxury of walking into state of the art laser hair removal centers to get that reassuring and confident transgender look.

What’s more, laser removal practices are remarkably precise in that they can instantly remove unwanted hair in obscured body regions like in the thighs, armpits and on the chest as well.

Laser removal hair procedures are remarkably fast, and you don’t even feel any pain during the act. Some patients have reported developing slight rashes that disappear in a short while. Make sure you get a face hair laser removal expert that’s truly proficient and fully accredited for safe and enviable results, like us at Flawless Skin Center. You can contact our Sherman Oaks location at 818-465-3060 or our Burbank office at 818-848-2288 to schedule your consultation.

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