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Here’s Why Vi Peel Is the Best Chemical Peel Out There


Numerous chemical peels are out there that treat damaged and scarred skin. A popular addition to that list is the Vi Peel that has shown improved results in less amount of time. Chemical peels are used to reduce fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage.

What Does A Vi Peel Do?

This peel consists of a custom mixture that is made up of Salicylic acid, Phenol acid, Retinoic acid, Vitamin C, and minerals. Because of the concentration of vitamins and the minerals with the retinoic acid; the peel penetrates through the skin’s deeper layer and detoxifies the skin without any pain and damage to the tissue.
The result of the Vi Peel is visible results. Thanks to the Vi Peel, there is a noticeable improvement in your skin’s tone, texture, and clarity. Furthermore, the Vi Peel reduces or eliminates freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, age spots, and also the Melasma skin condition. Plus, collagen production increases and gives the skin a firmer and youthful look. Fortunately, you can get these results within a week. Above all, the Vi Peel is compatible with all types of skins.

Why Is The Vi Peel Better Than The Others?

It Is A Quick Treatment

The treatment itself does not take very long. First, you should cleanse the skin and the areas where you’re applying the peel. Acetone is used to remove traces of oil from the skin. This results in an even penetration of the Vi Peel solution. After the peel is applied, you are going to receive your post-peel aftercare with instructions on how to use it. The whole process takes about half an hour. The penetration of the peel into the skin will result in the gradual removal of the skin’s top layer, and the clear new skin will be revealed from underneath. The first two days will be normal then from about the third day your skin will begin to peel. Hence, you should make sure that you plan accordingly. Leave your skin alone when it is peeling itself and you shall be fine. The skin feels tingly and becomes slightly red when the peel is applied, but that is normal.

It Is Suitable For The Other Parts Of The Body As Well

Moreover, the Vi Peel can be added to your skincare regime combined with lasers, surgical procedures, and injectables to achieve superior results. Plus, it can be used by women of various skin types.

It Is A Cutting-Edge Process

This peel was the first one to combine acids that are powerful and highly effective, without causing an inconvenience in your everyday life. Restoration of the skin from the cellular level takes place. Elimination of wrinkles and fine lines, shrinkage of large pores, and reduction in hyperpigmentation were seen. Moreover, spectacular results were observed on the people who suffered from acne. You can notice a drastic result just after the first peel, but it’s okay to repeat the treatment after every 4 to 6 weeks to fix problematic and damaged skin. It is recommended to get three treatments to properly treat the skin.

Vi Peel Versus The Other Peels

The other chemical peels can cause more pain as compared to a Vi Peel. The deeper the chemical peel penetrates, the more pain plus time is needed to observe results. Furthermore, other treatments can cause infections with a higher risk of scarring. For instance, Phenol peels might result in an uneven skin tone, while the TCA peel can change the skin’s color. All of these peels use different chemicals that affect the layers of the skin by exfoliating it at varying degrees. This newly exposed skin is the result of that deep exfoliation and should be cared for at all times. For instance, exposure to the sun and another kind of skin-damaging factors should be avoided if you want to keep that smooth texture and that glow.

In the end, the Vi Peel is ideal if you want a quick and effective solution to your current skin issues. Usually, women get the Vi Peel right before a special occasion, for example, their wedding or a party. It is a safe and efficient treatment that not only gently exfoliates the skin, but also gives you a glow that will make you love and appreciate your skin.

For more information regarding Vi Peel, contact us at Flawless Skin Center. You can make an appointment or schedule a consultation online.

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