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Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels have regularly been used in cosmetics and dermatology treatments but most people don’t understand how they work. No surprise, chemical peels are regularly used both in clinical applications and minor pseudo/fake versions through over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, because of this lack of awareness, the peel has frequently been confused.

Used correctly, chemical peels can be advantageous for acne treatment, related acne scarring, addressing fine lines from wear and tear on the skin due to exposure, and treatment of blemishes or expanded pores due to contamination. However, peels fundamentally involve using a chemical mix that reacts with dead skin where applied and allows its removal along with dirt, bacteria and similar. The normal use of a chemical been will typically cause a warm or tingling feeling, but it should not involve a burning sensation. Where such as stronger version would be used, an anesthetic would be applied first by a licensed medical technician.

The Difference in Chemical Peel Treatments
True chemical peels are not applied at home or bought over the counter. What is sold over-the-counter is generally a topical cleaner type product but not a true peel per se. Because of the strength of the chemicals used, a true chemical peel needs to be applied by a licensed dermatologist.

All peels are not the same, even with the medically applied products. The first type is used for exfoliating, tend to be applied through repeat scheduled sessions, and essentially open new younger skin by removing layers of old build. A mid-level peel is an exfoliating treatment that goes deeper into the skin levels. And finally, the serious deep chemical peel is reserved for very serious skin conditions and typically requires a lot of prep and anesthetic to apply correctly. This type of treatment is reserved for targeted issues like serious acne, blemishes, and skin callousing or roughness.

Treatment Involves a Progressive Approach
A dermatologist’s approach to chemical peel treatment is not an instant fix, another issue that often comes up with cosmetic interests. Applied correctly treatments usually span over several months which allows the treatment to be applied, the treated area to heal and develop healthy, and then a next application to continue to approach for the desired results. It’s very much a cycle of application, recovery, treatment, application, recovery, etc. It is common for the treated area to reflect redness and peeling or sloughing off old skin after treatment. This is part of the healing process as the new, healthy skin comes forward after an application.

Expert Help Can Produce Great Results
Chemical peels continue to be an effective treatment, both for basic skin cleaning and regeneration enhancement and a key tool used for reducing or eliminating serious acne without serious scarring that can become permanent otherwise. Patients regularly realize a healthier appearance, a brighter, better looking skin tone, and removal of contaminants that can block pores and cause infections that swell or get inflamed.

Flawless skin center regularly provides chemical peel treatments and support for patients and is available to help. We have two locations in Los Angeles: one in Burbank, CA and Sherman Oaks, CA. Customers can book an appointment or schedule an initial consultation online to get started, so please contact us!

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