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How Kybella Injectables Can Help Get Rid Of Stubborn Double Chin

Across the US, med spas have added a new tool to their anti-aging kits. That tool, Kybella, provides a safe, effective, Food and Drug Administration approved method of treating a double chin. Approved in 2015, the drug has quickly become a favored method of treatment over surgery.

How Effective Is Kybella?

One treatment of Kybella, deoxycholic acid in a synthetic form, breaks down the fat wall cells found in the double chin. At this point, they can no longer store fat, which causes them to turn to waste. The lymphatic system then flushes them, and your body metabolizes them.

This process does not induce any foreign substance into your body because your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile acid. You just don’t typically have it where you need it – in the area of the second chin. Clinical trials described in Healthline and used by the FDA in its approval of the drug treatment determined the drug is safe and effective. In that trial, 82.4 percent of the trial’s patients said they felt “significantly improved satisfaction with their appearance.”

Cost of Kybella

Unlike other cosmetic treatments – whether surgical or non-invasive – Kybella treatment provides a lasting method of fixing a double chin. While the cost of treatment varies, depending on how many sessions you need, it costs less than a chin lift or face lift. The Kybella treatment often solves the problem, since the fat cells that metabolize can’t replace themselves.

Some individuals requiring significant changes may require follow-up treatment. You may require up to six Kybella sessions. During the session, the doctor makes 20 to 50 small injections into the chin area. Within four to six weeks, you see results. In six months, you’ll achieve your final results.

What Can Kybella Replace?

As far as treatment options go, people have tried many things to rid themselves of double chins. Whether they developed due to genetics, weight gain, aging, or another issue, the patients who visit cosmetic surgeons typically agree to undergo whatever fixes the problem. In the past, treatments included the following:

  • CoolSculpting,
  • facelifts,
  • liposuction,
  • liposculpture,
  • neck lifts,
  • submentoplasty

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