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Body Contouring Guide: Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Summer For Velashape


We see you, hiding those stubborn pockets of fat and dimply cellulite under those big, bulky winter sweaters. And with summer a fading memory, it’s easy to put off thinking about warm weather and the revealing fashions it ushers in. But guess what? If you want to look your best next summer season, now is the time to start planning. And the best part: Getting a firmer, sleeker body isn’t nearly as difficult as you think. The key is Velashape®, a non-invasive body contouring system developed for optimal results without surgery and without downtime.


Body Contouring Los Angeles

Velashape uses a patented delivery system that combines radiofrequency and light energies with mechanical massage and vacuum technology to gently break apart cellulite bands, improve circulation and stimulate fat cell metabolism to remove fat deposits and smooth and firm the overlying skin, leaving you with a sleeker profile and toned contours. And it does it all without incisions and without the long downtime associated with surgical fat removal. Treatments can be completed right in the office in as little as 20-30 minutes, and you can even have more than one area treated in a single visit.

So why start now? Because Velashape works with your body to produce results over time, using a series of treatments to optimize your final results. Most women and men benefit from a series of four initial treatments spaced out to enable the area to respond to the therapy. Then you can maintain your results with occasional treatments to keep cellulite at bay. That means that by next summer, you can enjoy not just a slimmer body, but greater confidence as well.


Victoria Secret models use Velashape.

Velashape was recently featured on Find out how Victoria Secret models use this fat-burning treatment to prepare for Victoria Secret Fashion Show.


Get started today.

As a top provider of body contouring and cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, Flawless Skin Center can help you get that beautiful summer body with Velashape sessions tailored for your needs. To find out more, call our Sherman Oaks location at 818-465-3060 or our Burbank office at 818-848-2288 and schedule your consultation today.



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