AquaGold Fine Touch

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a micro-channeling device that helps plump, rejuvenate and build radiant and glowing skin! AQUAGOLD Fine Touch works to boost collagen production using a handheld device that delivers anti-aging components into the skin.


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    what are the benefits
    of aqua gold?

    • Shrinks pores
    • Smooths and boosts collagen of skin using hyaluronic acid
    • Improves superficial acne scarring
    • Brighten skin
    • Helps eliminate fine wrinkles

    how does it work?

    AQUAGOLD Fine Touch uses a similar technology to micro-needling, where ultra fine needles are used to create micro pokes in the skin.


    What solutions can be used inside aquagold fine touch?

    What solutions can be used inside AQUAGOLD Fine Touch?

    * * Painless procedure with minimal potential short term redness * *

    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Neurotoxin (Botox or Dysport)
    • Growth factors for cellular renewal
    • Pigment reducers
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    pre-aqua gold

    • No chemical peels two weeks prior to procedure.
    • Topical prescriptions including but not limited to Retin-a, renova and tazorac must not be used for three days prior to treatment. Inform your provider if you are using any topical medications for your face.
    • Waxing/lasering is to be avoided a week before procedure, shaving is okay.
    • You may not be pregnant or breastfeeding for Aquagold Fine Touch.
    • No active cold sores, flu or viruses.
    • Avoid abrasive scrubs or other exfoliating products three days prior to treatment.
    • Area to be treated must be clean and or free of any lotion, makeup or sunscreen.
    • Notify provider of any tattoos, including cosmetic tattooing, in the vicinity of the area to be treated as tattoos must be avoided.
    • If you plan on receiving fillers or Botox it must be administered after Aqua Gold.
    • Area to be treated must not have any open wounds, cuts or abrasions.

    post-aqua gold

    • No Makeup for 12 hours post procedure
    • Do not wash your face for the first six hours after Aquagold Fine Touch treatment. After six hours wash the treated area gently with a gentle cleanser, and apply your routine skin moisturizer after. You may resume your daily skin care regimen the next day.
    • Avoid Jacuzzis, saunas, hot baths or anything that may cause irritation to skin.
    • Sleep on your back with your head elevated slightly to reduce swelling.
    • Sun exposure must be avoided for a minimum of two weeks.
    • No exercising for 24 hours
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