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VelaShape III

5 Reasons You Should Choose VelaShape III


VelaShape III is basically a body contouring treatment that does not include any surgery. Over the years people have moved from liposuction to non-surgical treatments for having a slimmer and contoured body including, thighs, arms, buttocks, and the abdomen area. There are two advanced methods of contouring body, one of them is heat method also known as VelaShape III and the other is called the fat-freezing method, CoolSculpting.

There are many differences between both the treatments and today we will talk about why VelaShape III is better than CoolSculpting treatment. The reasons are as follows:

Less Discomfort in VelaShape III Treatment:
There is less to no discomfort involved in VelaShape III treatment because it uses advanced and specialized technology to break down the skin cells and does not even damage the soft tissues around it. Patients have said that they do not even feel a thing during this procedure and even afterward. On the other hand, the procedure of burning fat cells in CoolSculpting is often painful and leaves the patients with bruises and swelling afterward, as, during the procedure, the soft tissues are manually manipulated by a suction device.

Improved and Better Skin:
VelaShape III has proven to offer better looking, healthier and improved skin to the patients. In fact, many cosmetic surgeons are now using VelaShape III treatment because it burns the fat cells along with stimulation of the skin. When a person grows older, their skin stops producing proteins like elastin and collagen. In VelaShape III treatment, the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated and results in tightening the patient’s skin around the treatment area. Therefore, people who go for VelaShape III treatment get healthy and better-looking skin just after a few weeks of their first VelaShape III appointment.

Reduces Cellulite:
About 90% of women develop the condition of cellulite at some point in their lives and it is said to be one of the most common problems in the cosmetic world. There are numerous methods for contouring the body or reducing the body fat to make the body look slimmer, however, none of these methods ensure the reduction of cellulite, including CoolSculpting. Reduction in body fats only addresses the cellulite problem for a very short period of time. However, VelaShape III is the only treatment that can reduce cellulite for almost a year or longer. Renowned celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian have opted for this treatment just to reduce their cellulite.

No Recovery Time Required:
VelaShape III treatment does not require any time for recovery for the patients. You do not have to take off from work to recover from the treatment, as it has absolutely no side effects. After the treatment is done, you are free to carry on with your life normally. However, other treatments, including CoolSculpting, leave the patient with a bit of bruising and swelling. Therefore, they have to take off from work and need some time to recover from the after-effects of the treatment.

Can Be Used As A Complementary Treatment As Well:
Unlike other body contouring treatments, VelaShape III can be performed even after liposuction or other intense cosmetic surgeries. Other treatments like CoolSculpting leave patients with bruises, discomfort, and swelling, thus, these treatments cannot supplement with surgeries. For example, if you had surgery and some unnatural bulges have been created then you can go for VelaShape III treatment to remove the bulges and have smoother skin.

All in all, VelaShape III treatment has numerous advantages, guaranteed results and is definitely better than any other non-surgical body contouring, smoothing and shaping treatment.

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